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Re: To GOOD home ONLY

Posted by Marti on 10/19/07
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    On 10/09/07, Maggy wrote:
    > I am so saddened to do this. And I am not selling my pet
    > macaw. I am trying to find him/her a good home.
    > I am unsure of the macaw tpe/specie.
    > Its green, with red on its forhead and trimmings of its
    > wings. Very beautiful and has some blue on it too. Long
    > tail as well!!
    > It comes with its cage, toys, food, and play gym.
    > I am its 5th home and due to all the moving its done, it
    > is a feather mutilater. It eats sunflower seeds and
    > peanuts with some apple and orange too. I am trying to get
    > it on a more suitable diet, but its very hard.
    > So if you think your home is suitable fo ra large green
    > parrot, email me.
    > Maggy