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Re: Macaw

Posted by ssammy50 on 10/20/07
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    On 10/20/07, Marti wrote:
    > Hi sammy
    > I posted earlier on here but the administration must have
    > deleted it because I added my email addy. I'm glad to hear that
    > you are weighing your Scarlet, average weight for an adult
    > scarlet is between 1000-1100 grams. She is still a baby yet and
    > is still growing so I would still try to give her 1 handfeeding
    > a day preferably in the morning when she wakes up & is hungry.
    > She needs those extra vitamins provided in the formula. You
    > could try making a birdie bread using the handfeeding formula (
    > did that when I was weaning mine). Let me know if you want the
    > recipe. Thats good that she is eating fruit and veggies but
    > watch out with the seeds. My guys would fill up on seed if they
    > had access to it all day and that's not good. I use Harrison's
    > pellets, it's a tad expensive but in researching the ingredients
    > it's the best. They have a bowl of that in thier cages all the
    > time and occasionally I will offer them a small bowl( 1/2 cup)
    > of macaw seed which of course they devour!! Mine get a walnut, 3
    > almonds, and a few pistachios everyday to satisfy those busy
    > beaks and they need the added nutients & fat derived from nuts.
    > Good luck with your scarlet!! Don't they have the sweetest
    > dispositions?
    > Marti
    > On 10/20/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    >> On 10/19/07, Marti wrote:
    >>> On 10/18/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    >>>> Could anyone tell me how long it usually takes for a macaw
    >>>> to ween? Thanks
    >>> Usually they let you know when they are ready to eat on
    >>> thier own.... I usually keep them on at least 3 hand
    >>> feedings until they are eating pellets, seed and nuts and
    >>> soft people food relatively well. This can be up until they
    >>> are 5 months old or older. And I still give them a least one
    >>> hand feeding a day even when they are eating well on thier
    >>> own. It just makes them more content.
    >> Thank you Marti. My scarlet macaw is a about 3 1/2 months old
    >> and really isnt interested in handfeeding anymore. She spends
    >> alot of time at her food bowl with her pellets and seeds...
    >> really cant tell if she is eating them or just cracking them.
    >> Up until the other day I was hand feeding her twice a day.
    >> Thursday night she took one syringe,... wasnt interested in it
    >> Thursday morning. Friday morning... no luck, Friday night...
    >> took about 4 syringes... and this Morning (Saturday) she is
    >> not interested in it at all.... eats her fruits and veggies
    >> and pellets. Weighed her this morning she is at 907. Would you
    >> say she is pretty much done with it? Thanks for your help!

    I would love to have the recipe... she isnt intereseted in the
    handfeedings in the morning for some reason... I have better luck
    at night. She took 4 syringes tonight around 7:00pm. Is this
    unusual? And yes.. her disposition is awesome!!! sweetest macaw
    Ive ever owned. Thanks so much for your help!