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Re: Macaw

Posted by ssammy50 on 10/22/07
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    LOL...You do sound like a spokesperson. Yes, I did read the ingredients, It
    does sound alot healthier for them. I do appreciate all of your help...I have
    asked questions on here before and most of the ppl were very rude!!! Its nice
    to get helpul answers no matter how stupid the question may seem. If you dont
    ask, you cant learn. And I do thank you for all of you suggestions Marti! :)

    On 10/21/07, Marti wrote:
    > If your going to buy the Harrisons, don't buy a 25 lb bag. Only order a
    > small enough bag that will last your guys for a couple of months. A 5lb bag
    > would be plenty especially if your guys get fresh fruit and veggies daily.
    > You will need to keep it tightly sealed and refrigerated for freshness. And
    > as far as the coloring goes, why would you want your bird to have his
    > pellets loaded with food coloring & preservatives...definately not good for
    > your birds. Especially Cags because they are prone to plucking. When I
    > converted my guys from Prettybird pellets to Harrisons they actually
    > preferred the Harrisons right from the start. Did you read the ingredients
    > in the Harrison pellets? Very healthy and more so than any of the colored
    > pellets on the market. Golly, I'm beginning to sound like a commercial
    > here!!!
    > On 10/21/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    >> Maybe I'll break down and get one to save my knuckles!! That might hurt
    >> just a tad bit. In addition to my scarlet I also have a CAG...she is a
    >> talker...I appreciate all of your help. I was wondering about the
    >> Harrisons food..saw I could order a 25lb. bag for $119.00. The only thing
    >> that worries me is it isnt colored.. Im afraid she wouldnt eat it..any
    >> suggestions?
    >> On 10/21/07, Marti wrote:
    >>> That is so funny, no you don't really need a food processor but it sure
    >>> saves alot of time from having to chop everything up by hand. If you
    >>> have one of those food graters, the flat jobbie that you use to grate
    >>> cabbage, cheese, etc. will work fine. Just be careful you don't end up
    >>> grating your knuckles. I think that's why someone invented food
    >>> processors!!lol!!
    >>> I have 4 macaws, 2 african greys, and 2 amazons. I don't breed them they
    >>> are just all spoiled pets. I gained my baby bird knowlege from my friend
    >>> who is a bird breeder. I take care of her whole flock when they travel
    >>> to different bird fairs, vacations, etc. It's alot of work when you have
    >>> several different breeds of baby birds at different ages, some needing
    >>> fed every 4 hours, some every 6, and all they do is eat, poop and
    >>> sleep!! Brooders need to be cleaned everytime you feed them. Everything
    >>> has to be sterilized. Made me want to never breed birds!!! lol!!
    >>> As for your baby, it sounds as though your doing everything ok. As long
    >>> as she is pooping alot is a great sign. And birds do alot of that.
    >>> On 10/21/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    >>>> Thank You for the recipe! Is there anything I can use instead of a
    >>>> food precessor? Or do I really need to get one? If you dont mind me
    >>>> asking... what type of macaws do you have? Im just kinda nervous..
    >>>> this is the first time Ive ever done any handfeeding and I dont want
    >>>> to do anything wrong with her. Thanks
    >>>> On 10/20/07, Marti wrote:
    >>>>> Hi
    >>>>> As long as your getting a handfeeding in her a day it doesn't really
    >>>>> matter what time of the day that is. Now, for the birdie bread
    >>>>> recipe I usually make a big batch, bake, cut in squares & freeze it
    >>>>> so you will have to adjust it accordingly. In a large mixing bowl
    >>>>> add 3 0r 4 ripe bananas, 5 eggs (save the shells and finely grind
    >>>>> them in food precessor than add to bowl, 1 cup of unsweetened
    >>>>> applesauce, 1/2 cup wheat germ, 10 baby carrots minced in food
    >>>>> processor,1/2 cup of Jif chunky peanut butter, 1 &1/2 cups of Kaytee
    >>>>> Exact Hand Feading Powder for baby Parrots, and 2 cups of self
    >>>>> rising corn meal, mix well and add a fruit juice ( Example: V 8
    >>>>> Splash) because the mixture will get thick... it needs to be the
    >>>>> consistency of cake batter or thicker. You can alternate this recipe
    >>>>> by adding some crushed pineapple, or some frozen veggies...whatever
    >>>>> your macaw likes. I add about 2 cups of Beak Apetite " Nuts for
    >>>>> Alfredo". It has alot of good stuff in it plus vitamins. Pour into 9
    >>>>> x12 glass baking dish sprayed with Spam cooking spray, Bake at 350
    >>>>> degrees for about 40 or 45 min. or until a toothpick inserted into
    >>>>> the center comes out clean.My birds love this and I hope your little
    >>>>> one does too!!!
    >>>>> Marti
    >>>>> On 10/20/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    >>>>>> On 10/20/07, Marti wrote:
    >>>>>>> Hi sammy
    >>>>>>> I posted earlier on here but the administration must have
    >>>>>>> deleted it because I added my email addy. I'm glad to hear that
    >>>>>>> you are weighing your Scarlet, average weight for an adult
    >>>>>>> scarlet is between 1000-1100 grams. She is still a baby yet and
    >>>>>>> is still growing so I would still try to give her 1 handfeeding
    >>>>>>> a day preferably in the morning when she wakes up & is hungry.
    >>>>>>> She needs those extra vitamins provided in the formula. You
    >>>>>>> could try making a birdie bread using the handfeeding formula (
    >>>>>>> did that when I was weaning mine). Let me know if you want the
    >>>>>>> recipe. Thats good that she is eating fruit and veggies but
    >>>>>>> watch out with the seeds. My guys would fill up on seed if they
    >>>>>>> had access to it all day and that's not good. I use Harrison's
    >>>>>>> pellets, it's a tad expensive but in researching the ingredients
    >>>>>>> it's the best. They have a bowl of that in thier cages all the
    >>>>>>> time and occasionally I will offer them a small bowl( 1/2 cup)
    >>>>>>> of macaw seed which of course they devour!! Mine get a walnut, 3
    >>>>>>> almonds, and a few pistachios everyday to satisfy those busy
    >>>>>>> beaks and they need the added nutients & fat derived from nuts.
    >>>>>>> Good luck with your scarlet!! Don't they have the sweetest
    >>>>>>> dispositions?
    >>>>>>> Marti
    >>>>>>> On 10/20/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    >>>>>>>> On 10/19/07, Marti wrote:
    >>>>>>>>> On 10/18/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    >>>>>>>>>> Could anyone tell me how long it usually takes for a macaw
    >>>>>>>>>> to ween? Thanks
    >>>>>>>>> Usually they let you know when they are ready to eat on
    >>>>>>>>> thier own.... I usually keep them on at least 3 hand
    >>>>>>>>> feedings until they are eating pellets, seed and nuts and
    >>>>>>>>> soft people food relatively well. This can be up until they
    >>>>>>>>> are 5 months old or older. And I still give them a least one
    >>>>>>>>> hand feeding a day even when they are eating well on thier
    >>>>>>>>> own. It just makes them more content.
    >>>>>>>> Thank you Marti. My scarlet macaw is a about 3 1/2 months old
    >>>>>>>> and really isnt interested in handfeeding anymore. She spends
    >>>>>>>> alot of time at her food bowl with her pellets and seeds...
    >>>>>>>> really cant tell if she is eating them or just cracking them.
    >>>>>>>> Up until the other day I was hand feeding her twice a day.
    >>>>>>>> Thursday night she took one syringe,... wasnt interested in it
    >>>>>>>> Thursday morning. Friday morning... no luck, Friday night...
    >>>>>>>> took about 4 syringes... and this Morning (Saturday) she is
    >>>>>>>> not interested in it at all.... eats her fruits and veggies
    >>>>>>>> and pellets. Weighed her this morning she is at 907. Would you
    >>>>>>>> say she is pretty much done with it? Thanks for your help!
    >>>>>> I would love to have the recipe... she isnt intereseted in the
    >>>>>> handfeedings in the morning for some reason... I have better luck
    >>>>>> at night. She took 4 syringes tonight around 7:00pm. Is this
    >>>>>> unusual? And yes.. her disposition is awesome!!! sweetest macaw
    >>>>>> Ive ever owned. Thanks so much for your help!