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Re: Macaw

Posted by Marti on 10/22/07
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    It was my pleasure to help you, we were all mew parronts at one time. And speaking of
    new, I am new to this board, I've read alot of the postings on the Macaws Chatboard.
    Unfortunately, there are always a few ppl on every chat board who get thier jollies
    intimidating ppl. That's a shame because the posts you and I were sending back and
    forth about your B&G had nothing to do with anyone else. Very sad indeed!! Now watch
    me get bombarded with nasty posts!! LOL!!!

    On 10/22/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    > OOOPS!!! Looks like I did go there.... and OOOH NOOOO!!! I guess I just posted again.
    > On 10/22/07, Aunt Bea wrote:
    >> On 10/22/07, Oh no you didn't wrote:
    >>> On 10/22/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    >>> I have
    >>>> asked questions on here before and most of the ppl were very rude!!!
    >>> You just had to go there. Wait till you post again.
    >> lmao