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Re: Macaw

Posted by Aunt Bea on 10/22/07
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    On 10/22/07, Marti wrote:
    > It was my pleasure to help you, we were all mew parronts at one time. And speaking of
    > new, I am new to this board, I've read alot of the postings on the Macaws Chatboard.
    > Unfortunately, there are always a few ppl on every chat board who get thier jollies
    > intimidating ppl. That's a shame because the posts you and I were sending back and
    > forth about your B&G had nothing to do with anyone else. Very sad indeed!! Now watch
    > me get bombarded with nasty posts!! LOL!!!
    > On 10/22/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    >> OOOPS!!! Looks like I did go there.... and OOOH NOOOO!!! I guess I just posted again.
    >> On 10/22/07, Aunt Bea wrote:
    >>> On 10/22/07, Oh no you didn't wrote:
    >>>> On 10/22/07, ssammy50 wrote:
    >>>> I have
    >>>>> asked questions on here before and most of the ppl were very rude!!!
    >>>> You just had to go there. Wait till you post again.
    >>> lmao

    Yes, you gals got really lucky and were able to converse without interuption. Most of
    the time the legimite posts get interupted with all kinds of BS on this site. Good luck
    to both of you.