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Re: Greenwing plucking... Need Suggestions

Posted by Donna on 10/28/07
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    On 10/23/07, Rachel in TX wrote:
    > I am asking for suggestions, please no negative feedback!
    > Our greenwing has been plucking since spring break. It
    > first started when we went on vacation for several days.
    > We had a pet sitter, but that obviously is not the same
    > routine that he was used to. The first plucking was on
    > his shoulder area of his wings. It has now gone over to
    > other parts of his body. His feathers are not as full as
    > they used to be. You can mainly tell he is plucking these
    > areas when I have him soaked down. When new feathers
    > begin to come in, he will pluck them out & let out a
    > little scream. I know that it hurts him, but I believe he
    > enjoys it or is addicted to it. He will play with it in
    > his beak for a while. He will even pluck while perched on
    > our arm.
    > We have tried different remedies. We have tried changing
    > his cage & toys around. We have tried the Pluck no More.
    > I have tried another spray for his feathers. I have tried
    > vitamins drops for his water. I am now in the process of
    > using aloe & water spray downs. He receives a lot of
    > attention & lots of toys to shred. I have not taken him
    > to the vet for this because I was trying to see if we
    > could stop it on our own.
    > We have tried to think of anything else that could have
    > caused this behavior. All we can come up with is that he
    > didn't like that we went on vacation and had separation
    > anxiety. For the record, we no longer go on vacation
    > without our macaws.
    > I am now asking others for help. Do you have any other
    > suggestions that maybe we have missed, or should I just
    > take him to the avian vet? If so, what should I suggest
    > to have him tested for, food allergies or possible
    > toxins? Also, do they have the E-collars for birds? If
    > so, do they even work or last?
    > I want to thank you in advance for your help and
    > suggestions! Again, I do not want to hear any negative
    > feed-backs or comments.
    > Thanks - Rachel in TX.

    There is so many things that could trigger plucking. Just a
    few could be hormonal, I don't know if your bird has reached
    sexual maturity yet or not, another could be parasites like
    mites and another could be environment, Do you smoke have
    scented candles or use air fresheners? These things sometimes
    triggers plucking. A vet visit would be best to rule out any
    illnesses. hope this helps!