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Re: blue and gold never in cage age 3

Posted by val on 11/29/07
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    On 11/29/07, GreyLady wrote:
    > Who ever allowed him to grow up that way did him and all
    > future owners a terrible disservice. It sounds like you are
    > going to have to put up with a certain amount of it before he
    > makes the transition anyway. If it were me, I'd probably
    > only put his food and water inside the cage and fasten the
    > door open for him. You might have to start with some clip on
    > bowls so you can place them close to the opening. Later, you
    > can move them to their proper places. You will have to be
    > very gradual in this transition because the last thing he is
    > going to want is to feel that he is "trapped". Fix it so he
    > can come and go as he pleases in and out of it and put lots
    > of interesting things inside to tempt him. It's going to be
    > tough and I don't envy you but the slow, gradual approach is
    > the only way I know for you to not destroy your bond of trust
    > and have to start over from scratch. Not a good situation
    > for either of you. Good luck with it.
    Thank you so much for your input . I love this sweetheart but it
    is very trying on me. The lady had him since he was 5 weeks old
    and he had a big room that he was in all the time. Here I have
    other birds and I don't feel it is safe to let any bird out when
    there is no one home. He was going in to get his food and water
    but now he just says water, water,water when he wants a drink. A
    lady that runs a bird farm told me to put him in and close the
    door for like 5 mins at a time. That is not working . Because he
    was never afraid of getting off his cage on me and now he acts
    like he's afraid of me