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Re: adoption???

Posted by Aunt Bea on 12/06/07
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    On 12/05/07, JKCASELL wrote:
    > Hi there everyone. I just came across this board, and
    > spent hours reading all of the threads, very informative.
    > I have a female Scarlet, Lucy. As I grew up owning, then
    > breeding tiels, when the opportunity came up, to get a
    > Scarlet, and her cage, I jumped at the chance. Nobody
    > bothered to tell me that a Macaw IS NOT a bigger tiel! 6
    > years later, I have finally got it figured out, and have a
    > somewhat trained best friend. How I didn't ruin her
    > completely, I will never know, but we overcame all of my
    > mistakes! I know I was fortunate to get such a beautiful
    > bird for nothing, I couldn't have afforded to buy her out
    > right, and had I not gotten her, who knows what would have
    > become of her, her previous owner was threatening to set
    > her free, and I think she really would have. Her husbands
    > African Grey, accidently flew away supposedly, and she
    > threatened to set him free also. I spend a minimum of
    > per month on her for toys, food, and bedding. I also have
    > the vet expense every 3 months for pedicures. I have no
    > issue with the monthly expenses of her. I also keep an
    > emergency credit card, which has not been used as of yet,
    > to cover any crisis that may arise. I have entertained
    > idea of getting another macaw, if the opportunity should
    > arise. I just don't have the extra savings on hand, to
    > spend more than a couple hundred dollars. Is it really
    > offensive to look for this kind of option. I can say I
    > would never sell my bird for any amount of money, I love
    > her too much for that, she's my soul mate. She gets more
    > attention than my kids and husband. I don't want to
    > anyone at all, but from my perspective, I would rather
    > my bird to someone, who can offer her everything in the
    > world, than sell it to just anybody. Any thoughts on this
    > would be greatly appreciated.

    Sure I'll take your bird and give it a great forever home.
    Let me know.