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Re: adoption???

Posted by JKCASWELL on 12/07/07
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    On 12/07/07, To JKCASWELL wrote:
    > On 12/07/07, JKCASWELL wrote:
    >> On 12/07/07, to the bird begger wrote:
    >>> On 12/07/07, JKCASWELL wrote:
    a minimum of
    >>>>>> $200
    >>>>>>> per month on her for toys, food, and bedding. I also have
    >>>>>>> the vet expense every 3 months for pedicures. I have no
    >>>>>>> issue with the monthly expenses of her. I also keep an
    >>>>>>> emergency credit card, which has not been used as of yet,
    >>>>>>> to cover any crisis that may arise. I have entertained
    >>>>>> the
    >>>>>>> idea of getting another macaw, if the opportunity should
    >>>>>>> arise. I just don't have the extra savings on hand, to
    >>>>>>> spend more than a couple hundred dollars. Is it really
    >>>>>>> offensive to look for this kind of option. I can say I
    >>>>>>> would never sell my bird for any amount of money, I love
    >>>>>>> her too much for that, she's my soul mate. She gets more
    >>>>>>> attention than my kids and husband. I don't want to
    >>>>>> offend
    >>>>>>> anyone at all, but from my perspective, I would rather
    >>>>>> give
    >>>>>>> my bird to someone, who can offer her everything in the
    >>>>>>> world, than sell it to just anybody. Any thoughts on this
    >>>>>>> would be greatly appreciated.
    >>>>>> Sure I'll take your bird and give it a great forever home.
    >>>>>> Let me know.
    >>>>> I know it has got to be hard to let one of your kids go to
    >>>>> another home . But if i can ask why are you getting her a new
    >>>>> home? I took in a Blue And Gold about 9 months ago the biggest
    >>>>> joy to have around. Toby is spoiled but thats ok with me. I know
    >>>>> it is heartbreaking to have to post things like this but if you
    >>>>> feel she needs another home then maybe you truely have your
    >>>>> birds intrest at heart. There are alot of tears when doing this
    >>>>> also. I hope you have some support around you. Where do you
    >>>>> live. I'd love to give Toby a friend
    >>>> I think my post somehow got mixed up. I AM LOOKING at getting
    >>>> another Macaw. There is nothing in this world that could get me
    >>>> to let my Lucy go, she is just as important to me,as my own
    >>>> children! My problem is, the lack of extra cash on hand to pay
    >>>> $1000 or more. I have a brand new extra cage 4 x 4 x 5'6
    >>>> internal dimensions. I have the means to feed only the best,
    >>>> provide all the toys needed, which is quite frequently, all the
    >>>> love and time to offer. I take my bird to the vet every 3
    >>> months
    >>>> for pedicures and check up's. I keep a $5000 credit card
    >>>> specifically for vet emergencies, and as of yet it has never
    >>> been
    >>>> used. I have several large Macaw sized play gyms, as I kept
    >>>> buying different ones thinking Lucy would enjoy them...she hates
    >>>> them and would rather be on me at all times. I know I can offer
    >>>> another bird a wonderful life, but to do so, would require not
    >>>> having to pay an outright price of more than $400-$500. I know
    >>>> the true value of these birds. What I was hoping to find, was
    >>>> somebody's beloved bird, which due to unseen circumatances, have
    >>>> to re home thier best friend, and that the birds best interest,
    >>>> is first and foremost. I can offer references, from my vet,
    >>>> etc. I have no issue with home visits, and follow up visits.
    >>>> Even though people have alot of money, doesn't mean that they
    >>>> can offer a bird a wonderful home. My Lucy came from a very
    >>>> wealthy woman, who had several birds. She hit my Lucy in the
    >>>> head for biting, threw her on the floor, I think there was a
    >>>> stick involved in her punishment, because even after 6 years,
    >>>> Lucy see's a broom or anything that resembles a large stick, and
    >>>> she screams and hides! She is thoroughly afraid of spray
    >>>> bottles. Lucy was only a year old when I got her. Sure her
    >>>> purchase price was large, but she was miserable.
    >>>> I was looking through some of the rescue sites, and was honestly
    >>>> in tears. I never realized how abused and neglected so many of
    >>>> the large birds are. I have seen the local ads, for dozens of
    >>>> these birds for sale daily, and I know that most of these people
    >>>> only want money, they have no care about the birds future.
    >>> There
    >>>> is the few, truly genuine ads, where you can actually feel the
    >>>> owners pain at having to give up thier "family". Unfortunately,
    >>>> alot of these people have no idea what will happen to them.
    >>>> Does this make more sense? And what are your thoughts? Any
    >>>> help/advice would be greatly appreciated, before I start on this
    >>>> endeavor. I in no way, want to offend anyone, just want to give
    >>>> another Macaw a shot at a long happy life, and cry about the
    >>>> thousands I can't save.
    >>>> Just a side note, I am not interested in breeding, so that is
    >>> not
    >>>> what I am looking for. I never realized the numbers of Macaws
    >>>> being raised, and then abused in one way or another. The bird
    >>>> trade is a sad world. Thank you to all of you on here that have
    >>>> given your birds a good life, there are so many others out there
    >>>> who will never know it
    >>>> Jenn
    >>> BEGGING!!
    >> I am most certainly not Bird Begging! It may sound like it, you
    >> don't know me, I don't know you. I don't necessarily even need
    >> another bird. I was honestly heart sick over seeing so many Rescues,
    >> and it was a thought, that maybe I could save at least one bird from
    >> ending up miserable, in a rescue, or dead. At least the birds in the
    >> rescues have a chance now, as the adoption regumin is so strict. I
    >> thought maybe, there is someone out there, who honestly wants their
    >> bird to have a good forever home. My thought was to put out an ad,
    >> with what I can offer, and the up front amount I can pay. I guess
    >> maybe it does come across as bird begging, but there is no offense
    >> meant
    >> Jenn
    > Hi Jenn,
    > For one, you have to watch out for this board. They are brutal here
    > and will only pick on you. Two, why don't you just take in a rescue
    > bird from a rescue? Its probably best you go this route.

    Brutal is ok, and I am sure what I have asked on here deserves some angry
    reactions. As far as just going to a rescue and adopting one, there are
    2 reasons, first and most logically, there are none within distance. I
    have no issue making a long drive, but they want to be able to come to
    your place several times, before during and after adoptions, and I am out
    of their driving range. Secondly, as I said before. These birds, if
    adopted out, will be monitered closely assuring they are placed in the
    right home. I think it is easier to adopt a human, than a bird! My
    thoughts were more towards people, who have no choices, and hope their
    bird is taken care of, no matter what. I can offer that without any
    question! I have a huge home out in the country, no close neighbors, so
    screamers are more than welcome! It was just a thought though, probably
    not a very smart one. I have my beloved Macaw, she is everything to me.
    She can live out her long life with me knowing she will only get the
    best, and never be abused or abandoned. She spent her first year of life
    being abused, it's funny, she was "bought" as a baby, and abused
    horribly. I got her for "Free", and she is and always will be a queen!
    If somebody offered me $50,000 for her, I wouldn't think twice about
    saying NO WAY! God Knows I could use the money, but that would be like
    selling my own child!

    I do appreciate any input though, the good and the bad, I have alot of
    respect for people who will say what they believe in