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Re: adoption???/Pay no attention

Posted by JKCASWELL on 12/10/07
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    On 12/10/07, Diana wrote:
    > What state are you in? Mickaboo lets out of state peopel adopt their birds,
    > and I believe Gabriel Foundation does too (I think), THERE ARE MANY RESCUES
    > and birds out there that need a home. Have you been to Craigs list (for your
    > area or/and state???
    > ~D

    I live in Washington State. None of the Rescues I looked into would adopt
    outside of a 100 mile radious. Craig's list is what prompted me to this thought,
    so many birds for sale, most way over priced, and I don't mean what I could only
    afford, but higher than breeder prices, and most were cash only to first buyer.
    They had no care what became of the bird. If only I were rich and could afford
    to save some of these birds, I would.