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Re: adoption???

Posted by Marti on 12/10/07
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    Hi, I am a newbie to this site of maybe 6 months. I just saw
    your post about finding a home for your Scarlet macaw Lucy.
    Just let me add my 2 cents here if I may. I know several
    very reputable bird rescues that have been around for a long
    time. I have 2 macaws that I have adopted thru these
    rescues and I can assure the applicants are screened very
    well. I was so impressed with the one rescue that my hubby
    and I have it in our will that all 8 of our parrots are to
    be relinquished to them to be adopted to wonderful homes in
    the event of our deaths. I have peace of mind with our
    decision knowing they will only find the best homes. These
    rescues make home visits before and after the bird is
    adopted. And copies of yearly avian vet visits are sent to
    them for documentation. There are way too many ppl on any of
    these boards just looking for a free bird. I would highly
    recommend a reputable bird rescue. Let me know if you would
    like more information


    On 12/05/07, JKCASELL wrote:
    > Hi there everyone. I just came across this board, and
    > spent hours reading all of the threads, very informative.
    > I have a female Scarlet, Lucy. As I grew up owning, then
    > breeding tiels, when the opportunity came up, to get a
    > Scarlet, and her cage, I jumped at the chance. Nobody
    > bothered to tell me that a Macaw IS NOT a bigger tiel! 6
    > years later, I have finally got it figured out, and have a
    > somewhat trained best friend. How I didn't ruin her
    > completely, I will never know, but we overcame all of my
    > mistakes! I know I was fortunate to get such a beautiful
    > bird for nothing, I couldn't have afforded to buy her out
    > right, and had I not gotten her, who knows what would have
    > become of her, her previous owner was threatening to set
    > her free, and I think she really would have. Her husbands
    > African Grey, accidently flew away supposedly, and she
    > threatened to set him free also. I spend a minimum of
    > per month on her for toys, food, and bedding. I also have
    > the vet expense every 3 months for pedicures. I have no
    > issue with the monthly expenses of her. I also keep an
    > emergency credit card, which has not been used as of yet,
    > to cover any crisis that may arise. I have entertained
    > idea of getting another macaw, if the opportunity should
    > arise. I just don't have the extra savings on hand, to
    > spend more than a couple hundred dollars. Is it really
    > offensive to look for this kind of option. I can say I
    > would never sell my bird for any amount of money, I love
    > her too much for that, she's my soul mate. She gets more
    > attention than my kids and husband. I don't want to
    > anyone at all, but from my perspective, I would rather
    > my bird to someone, who can offer her everything in the
    > world, than sell it to just anybody. Any thoughts on this
    > would be greatly appreciated.