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Re: My new "ADOPTED" Macaw

Posted by pa. on 12/09/07
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    On 12/09/07, JKCASWELL wrote:
    > I just wanted to tell everyone, that somebody emailed me,
    > about my post of Adopting a Macaw. Blu is a 3 year old,
    > Military Macaw female. She was bought when she was 3
    > months old by this family. The husband is in Iraq, and Blu
    > was his, the wife doesn't have time for her, as she has 4
    > young children, so her husband said to find Blu, the
    > perfect home. Blu had to have a toe amputated this spring,
    > as she had a accident with one of her toys. She has also,
    > started plucking feathers withing the last 2 weeks, which
    > is what prompted her to call her husband and tell him she
    > is miserable. The wife came to my home last night and saw
    > my bird and how happy and healthy she is, and then I went
    > and met Blu, this morning and she is adorable, shy, but
    > sweet. I don't need a cage or a stand, as I already have
    > one, but she insisted that they went with her. It's
    > probably better anyways, as it is what she has always
    > known. Her feather plucking, isn't a issue at all, she is
    > molting! The wife assumed it was plucking because there
    > was feathers on the bottom of her cage, she never actually
    > saw her do it. She only wants $200 for her, her cage and
    > stand and food and toys. The cage alone was at least
    > $1000. I told her I would give her $500, but she is
    > arguing and refuses the extra money, so now I have to get
    > trickey! I have a vet appointment tomorrow, to make sure
    > she is healthy, and then I will bring her home, keep her
    > seperate from my Macaw for a few weeks, and then introduce
    > them to each seperate cages of course! I have
    > never seen a Military in person before, and her colors are
    > more brilliant than I have seen in pictures. It will be
    > interesting to see how brilliant she looks when her new
    > feathers come in, and she gets used to being bathed!
    > Apparently, they don't bathe her as she doesn't care for
    > it. The have only tried a spray bottle and a shower. My
    > Scarlet only likes to swim in the bath tub (3 inches of
    > water), but she does this at least every other day! I'
    > ll have to try this for Blu, her skin must be sore and
    > icky!
    > What started as a thought, has now become a reality. I
    > know I offended alot of people on here, with my idea. Blu
    > will have a home forever with me. She will not be sold, or
    > given away. I only had one birds best intentions at heart
    > with this idea. It wasn't to make extra money by resale.
    > I am now at full bird capacity, and with 2 young Macaws, it
    > will be a life long fullfillment. I don't understand how
    > some of you people on here, have the time or energy, for so
    > many Macaw's, I commend you for it. It's definately a full
    > time job. There are some nights, where my house cleaning
    > doesn't get done, because bird time is more important. Now
    > my husband and daughter are going to have to chip in and
    > help out more often!
    > Thanks for listening and I'll keep everyone updated on my
    > new adventure!
    > Any ideas on how to give a stubburn person more money that
    > they refuse to take, would also be appreciated!
    > Jenn

    I'm really glad to hear everything worked out for you . Best
    of luck with them both . MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!