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Re: My new "ADOPTED" Macaw

Posted by To Jenn on 12/10/07
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    On 12/09/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > On 12/09/07, JKCASWELL wrote:
    >> I just wanted to tell everyone, that somebody emailed me,
    >> about my post of Adopting a Macaw. Blu is a 3 year old,
    >> Military Macaw female. She was bought when she was 3
    >> months old by this family. The husband is in Iraq, and
    > Blu
    >> was his, the wife doesn't have time for her, as she has 4
    >> young children, so her husband said to find Blu, the
    >> perfect home. Blu had to have a toe amputated this
    > spring,
    >> as she had a accident with one of her toys. She has also,
    >> started plucking feathers withing the last 2 weeks, which
    >> is what prompted her to call her husband and tell him she
    >> is miserable. The wife came to my home last night and saw
    >> my bird and how happy and healthy she is, and then I went
    >> and met Blu, this morning and she is adorable, shy, but
    >> sweet. I don't need a cage or a stand, as I already have
    >> one, but she insisted that they went with her. It's
    >> probably better anyways, as it is what she has always
    >> known. Her feather plucking, isn't a issue at all, she is
    >> molting! The wife assumed it was plucking because there
    >> was feathers on the bottom of her cage, she never actually
    >> saw her do it. She only wants $200 for her, her cage and
    >> stand and food and toys. The cage alone was at least
    >> $1000. I told her I would give her $500, but she is
    >> arguing and refuses the extra money, so now I have to get
    >> trickey! I have a vet appointment tomorrow, to make sure
    >> she is healthy, and then I will bring her home, keep her
    >> seperate from my Macaw for a few weeks, and then introduce
    >> them to each seperate cages of course! I have
    >> never seen a Military in person before, and her colors are
    >> more brilliant than I have seen in pictures. It will be
    >> interesting to see how brilliant she looks when her new
    >> feathers come in, and she gets used to being bathed!
    >> Apparently, they don't bathe her as she doesn't care for
    >> it. The have only tried a spray bottle and a shower. My
    >> Scarlet only likes to swim in the bath tub (3 inches of
    >> water), but she does this at least every other day! I'
    >> ll have to try this for Blu, her skin must be sore and
    >> icky!
    >> What started as a thought, has now become a reality. I
    >> know I offended alot of people on here, with my idea. Blu
    >> will have a home forever with me. She will not be sold,
    > or
    >> given away. I only had one birds best intentions at heart
    >> with this idea. It wasn't to make extra money by resale.
    >> I am now at full bird capacity, and with 2 young Macaws,
    > it
    >> will be a life long fullfillment. I don't understand how
    >> some of you people on here, have the time or energy, for
    > so
    >> many Macaw's, I commend you for it. It's definately a
    > full
    >> time job. There are some nights, where my house cleaning
    >> doesn't get done, because bird time is more important.
    > Now
    >> my husband and daughter are going to have to chip in and
    >> help out more often!
    >> Thanks for listening and I'll keep everyone updated on my
    >> new adventure!
    >> Any ideas on how to give a stubburn person more money that
    >> they refuse to take, would also be appreciated!
    >> Jenn
    > IF she won't take the extra money, mail it to her ! Chances
    > are, she won't mail it back. And, if she does, at least you
    > tried. Good luck with Blu.

    Jenn that is great news! Hopefully you will isolate the new
    bird for at least 30 days. This is to protect both of your
    birds from disease. They must be kept in separate rooms and
    after you handle one, make sure to sanitize before you handle
    the other. Its hard to isolate sometimes and what I've had to
    do because my condo is not so big, I've had to put a new bird
    in the bedroom with my daughter. It works out great because my
    daughter gets to interact with the new member as well as the
    bird gets its full supply of sleep since my daughter goes to
    bed at 9:00pm, so its lights out for both. If the house is
    empty I put music, radio or tv on for company in each room.
    Then after the 30, 45 or 60 days of keeping them apart I bring
    the new bird into the family room and bring out one bird at a
    time, usually the bird who's been there the longest first.
    Eventually they became more aware of each other. I don't leave
    my birds alone with each other because a few of them are
    bullies and like to bite toes. I have smaller birds, the
    lovebirds and parrotletts love to pick on the cockatiels.
    Just some food for thought. Its very important that you
    isolate the birds though, you have more of the rare species
    (female) so you could lose alot.