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Re: My new "ADOPTED" Macaw

Posted by JKCASWELL on 12/10/07
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    On 12/10/07, Banker wrote:
    > Send her a MasterCard or Visa gift card. It can be used
    > everywhere and at this time of year, I'm sure she would
    > appreciate it.
    > Also, if you send cash or the card through the mail, send it
    > certified or registered so as to know that it arrived.
    > Congrats on the new bird!
    That is a wonderful idea! I never thought of a visa gift card! I
    know with 4 young children, and christmas coming, she would have to
    use it! I feel so bad for her that she can't be with her husband
    on the holidays. that would be so tough.

    Blu will be going to the vets today for all her tests and overall
    health check. Aside from desperately needing more bathing, she
    looks very healthy. They feed her organic pellets, lots of fresh
    fruits and vegetables, they cook her all sorts of healthy "bird
    meals", her cage and feed/water bowls were extremely clean, as is
    there house. They are a non smoking family. They also have a tiel,
    who also looks extremely well cared for, and she gets a bath
    everyday, so I am thinking that Blu really hates a shower! She
    hasn't tried the bathtub, so maybe that will work.

    My plan was to keep Blu completely quarantined away from my Scarlet
    for 6 weeks, even if all of her tests are good. Should I do it
    longer? I will be putting her in our office for now, as it is a
    very large room, and there is somebody always in here on the
    computer to socialize with her. My daughter gets home from school,
    early in the day and she can play with her and get her out, while
    she is on the computer. The nice thing about Blu is, she will not
    leave her stand. My Scarlet hates a stand, and will refuse to stay
    on any of them for more than 30 seconds. If she can't climb off
    them, she will let herself fall, scares me to death!

    Any suggestions on how to socialize the two when the time comes? I
    highly doubt, that they could ever be in actual contact with each
    other, as I know my Scarlet to well. Basically, they will be
    eventually caged seperately in the same room together, and my hope
    is to be able to allow them the same freedom of my home, when we
    are home. Like I said, Blu loves her stand, and from what I was
    told, she doesn't like to roam the house. Lucy,my Scarlet, hates a
    stand and follows me everywhere, or she's hanging from my pants or
    shirt from her beak. I think she does this because she doesn't
    want to be alone, so maybe down the road, with another Macaw,
    she'll be more content. Then again, after 6 years of letting her
    do whatever she wants, I may have ruined her. I guess time will
    tell. I am fortunate that my teenage daughter and my husband both
    love birds, so Blu will be handled mostly by them. Lucy only likes
    them if I am gone, otherwise she's extremely mean to them. They
    both have a few scars from her. Lucy is used to being in everyroom
    of my house with me, so keeping them both out of the cages as much
    as possible is workable, if needed.

    I never knew that a Female Scarlet was rare, that was something
    very interesting to find out about on here. She will never find
    out about breeding though. At least I can tell my husband she
    really is Special though, everytime he is standing there dripping
    with blood!

    Thanks again everyone, I have learned so much from all of you. I
    don't pretend to be a bird expert. Everything I learned was from
    trial and error.