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Re: My new "ADOPTED" Macaw

Posted by Bird Mom on 12/10/07
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    If I where you I'd buy a nice Christmas card & enclose a gift
    card ( from Wal-mart or whatever department store this lady
    would have ready access to & would use ) & mail it to her.
    You could also enclose a personal note telling her that you
    want her to do something nice/special for herself & the kids
    for Christmas! ( Esp. knowing that her hubby more than likely
    will not be able to be home with them for Christmas. ) I'm
    sure that she has needs ( what woman with a family they
    sacrifice themselves for 24/7/365 doesn't? ) & the extra $
    will be a blessing to/for her/them. Esp. at this time of year!

    God bless you for wanting to do right by both Blu & her
    former family! That's refreshing in the day & age, when most
    people want/expect something for nothing.

    Bird Mom

    > Any ideas on how to give a stubburn person more money that
    > they refuse to take, would also be appreciated!
    > Jenn