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Re: night time cage ??/To Jessica

Posted by ctherose on 1/04/08
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    On 12/29/07, Jessica wrote:
    > I am open to all suggestions. I want to
    > do what is best another smaller cage would be no problem,
    > but would the move to a smaller cage cause stress ??

    Don’t know about Macaws, but I can tell you about
    our Amazon, Chuckles. He/she (we will use “she” from here
    on out) flew into our yard a little over three years ago.
    Expecting to find her owner, as well as having NO idea of
    what her needs were, we bought a too-small cage (more like
    a ‘tiel cage). We never did find her owner, but we
    continued to use that cage for about a year and a half or
    so, leaving her out during the day and shutting her in at
    night for her security.
    About a year or so ago, we finally relented and
    bought a large cage (it would be fit for a macaw). This is
    kept out in the living area, where lights and TV are going
    until rather late. Some time after the sun goes down, we
    put her into her “sleeping cage” (the small one) in the
    guest room. It took a couple of days, but she has gotten to
    the point that she expects it, usually asking us (in her
    bird-like way, of course) to take her to bed. There we
    cover her until 8:00 AM or so, when we uncover her, open the
    cage and wait until she comes out and asks to come join the
    The long and short of it is that Chuckles adapted
    quite well to her “bedroom” cage and it allows her a minimum
    of ten hours uninterrupted sleep time. Hope this helps.
    Craig, Momma and Chuckles Rose