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Posted by tex99 on 1/10/08
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    On 1/05/08, roselinda wrote:
    > My roommate has a Gold Macaw and I have a
    > Quaker. The temperature in our house right now is 64
    > degrees or so. I know this is on the coldish side. We
    > have gas heat and our bill was pretty high last month and
    > our house is also quite spacious. Anyway, I know Quakers
    > are fine in temperature above 60 degrees or so. What is
    > the normal minimal indoor temperature for a Blue and Gold
    > Macaw. This is pretty important obviously enough. I also
    > want to know if you know of any suggestions to keeping his
    > cage warmer as my roommate went behind my back and got an
    > electric heater which is definately a fire hazard. Please
    > respond.(

    no lower than 68 degrees

    also avoid drafts from ducts/doors opening and closing

    Modern electric blankets are fairly safe if used properly. So
    electric blanket can work IF they cannot touch or reach it -
    they may chew on an electric blanket and electrocute
    themselves so it must not be within the birds reach!

    sometimes just covering the cage with a lite blanket at nite
    (but not airtight) can keep it a couple degrees warmer from
    the birds body heat(put a thermometer inside and check it)