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Re: 12 week old macaw still wanting handfeedings?

Posted by Mrs. Bird on 1/10/08
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    On 1/10/08, Gabby wrote:
    > I have a 12 week old macaw who was forced weaned at a pet
    > store. I thought it was really cruel and bought him to get
    > him away from the place. At home he would hardly touch his
    > pellets (the same diet that he was on at the pet store)
    > and fresh fruits and veggies so I started him back on one
    > hand feeding a day, at night and as much as he would take.
    > Now everytime he sees us with a cup similiar to the one he
    > gets his feedings in, he gets all excited, hops down from
    > his cage and comes running over to me to dip his beak into
    > whatever I'm drinking. Since most times, its milk or apple
    > juice, he gets a few sips. But...should I be concerned
    > about still handfeeding him? I've handfed macaws before,
    > and whenever I stopped their handfeedings was 1 weeks of
    > them refusing it, and making sure they ate their pellets
    > and fresh foods.
    > Any suggestions or comments would be very helpful.
    > Thanks
    > Gabby

    You should not be concerned that he wants to continue with
    the hand feeding formula.

    By no means is this macaw weaned. And probably because he
    was "forced" into eating regular food, he is still craving
    the warmth and comfort that formula gives him.

    I would suggest you continue hand feeding him until he is so
    disinterested in it it makes you mad!

    Continue giving him his future diet, but feed, feed, feed him
    the hand feeding formula.