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Re: 12 week old macaw still wanting handfeedings?

Posted by Gabby on 1/10/08
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    And one more :D What age do baby macaws typically wean? And does
    it very among breeds?

    On 1/10/08, Gabby wrote:
    > Question 2....everytime I feed him he makes these soft little
    > sounds? He does it sometimes when I'm not
    > handfeeding him. What exactly are these? Are they just his baby
    > sounds like he would use talking with his mom?
    > On 1/10/08, GreyLady wrote:
    >> I agree 200&37; with Mrs. Bird. Let him have them for as long
    > as
    >> he wants. Aside from the comfort and bonding angle, it's a
    >> great way, later on, should you ever need to get some meds
    > down
    >> him and all other ways fail.