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Re: 12 week old macaw still wanting handfeedings?

Posted by Gabby on 1/11/08
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    Well, I will just let him do it in his own time. He took 40cc this
    morning of formula and then walked away. I stop when he does that and
    starts to climb back up his cage. Then he got a shower because he was
    quite messy this morning (I don't think the petstore ever gave their
    birds baths) which he is starting to enjoy and ask for. Now he is
    happily munching on some boiled corn and fresh spinach and grapes.

    Thank you all for the help in this. I mentioned it to the guy at the
    petstore and he was absolutly horrified that I put him back on
    handfeedings. If that wasn't the only place I could get zupreem here,
    I wouldn't ever go back there. Seeing all those birds in
    there....makes me really sad.

    On 1/10/08, Mrs. Bird wrote:
    > On 1/10/08, Gabby wrote:
    >> And one more :D What age do baby macaws typically wean? And does
    >> it very among breeds?
    >> On 1/10/08, Gabby wrote:
    >>> Question 2....everytime I feed him he makes these soft little
    >>> sounds? He does it sometimes when I'm not
    >>> handfeeding him. What exactly are these? Are they just his baby
    >>> sounds like he would use talking with his mom?
    >>> On 1/10/08, GreyLady wrote:
    >>>> I agree 200&37; with Mrs. Bird. Let him have them for as long
    >>> as
    >>>> he wants. Aside from the comfort and bonding angle, it's a
    >>>> great way, later on, should you ever need to get some meds
    >>> down
    >>>> him and all other ways fail.
    > Those sounds are indeed baby communications. Since you are his
    > surrogate mother, he is talking with you.
    > As far as weaning, that does vary by species as well as individual
    > bird.
    > Some might wean as quickly as 4 months and others could take as long
    > as 5-6 months.
    > You will get many opinions on this, but to abundantly weaned macaw
    > not a quick process.
    > Some are forced to do it quicker and I personally feel that leads to
    > future emotional and developmental problems.