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Re: Plucking or ???

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 1/12/08
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    On 1/12/08, JKCASWELL wrote:
    > On 1/12/08, karen wrote:
    >>>>> Jenn
    >>>> I should also add, I switched from newspaper to Corn Cob
    >>>> bedding about 2 weeks ago. She can not reach it, so I know
    >>>> she is not ingesting any of it, or coming in contact with
    >>> it,
    >>>> but she is curious about it.
    >>>> Jenn
    >> Please get rid of that corn cob!!
    >> Go back to using news paper
    >> A layer of paper can be removed in seconds and no dry poop dust
    >> The corn cob is a wonderland of mold and bacteria!!
    >> If the bird gets some in her crop it will puff up like a sponge
    >> and not pass. -Dead bird-
    >> Corn cob is some Bad stuff and should not be used around birds
    >> I have been to the places this stuff is processed
    >> -rats,mice,mold,bugs,nasty- & remember mouse poop dust has
    >> hookworms that can get into your bird FROM THE DUST!!
    >> Just place severial layers of paper in the bottom of the cage &
    >> remove a layer 1 or 2x a day.
    > Thanks for responding so quickly. What you both have said, makes
    > perfect sense. The bag states it has been multi cleaned and
    > sanitized, but that can easily be misrepresented. I clean out any
    > messy stuff everyday, using a kitty litter scoop, especially under
    > her water bowl, as she loves to throw out 90&37; of her water.
    > was what my decision to try the corn cob. It soaked thru the
    > newspaper, and was rusting the tray. I think I will try putting a
    > large cookie sheet on that part where it is always wet, and going
    > back to newspaper. I have not noticed any dust or mold in the
    > bedding, but I am not as sensitive as my birds are.
    > I am hoping that her missing feathers are a result of her trying
    > grab the corn cob, and that I haven't started a bad habit. I
    > suppose if that is the case, I can somehow, get the grate
    > improvised, so she can not get her leg thru.
    > Thanks again
    > Jenn

    Let us know how it things go.