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Re: Plucking or ???

Posted by JKCASWELL on 1/12/08
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    On 1/12/08, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > On 1/12/08, JKCASWELL wrote:
    >> On 1/12/08, karen wrote:
    >>>>>> Jenn
    >>>>> I should also add, I switched from newspaper to Corn Cob
    >>>>> bedding about 2 weeks ago. She can not reach it, so I know
    >>>>> she is not ingesting any of it, or coming in contact with
    >>>> it,
    >>>>> but she is curious about it.
    >>>>> Jenn
    >>> Please get rid of that corn cob!!
    >>> Go back to using news paper
    >>> A layer of paper can be removed in seconds and no dry poop dust
    >>> The corn cob is a wonderland of mold and bacteria!!
    >>> If the bird gets some in her crop it will puff up like a sponge
    >>> and not pass. -Dead bird-
    >>> Corn cob is some Bad stuff and should not be used around birds
    >>> I have been to the places this stuff is processed
    >>> -rats,mice,mold,bugs,nasty- & remember mouse poop dust has
    >>> hookworms that can get into your bird FROM THE DUST!!
    >>> Just place severial layers of paper in the bottom of the cage &
    >>> remove a layer 1 or 2x a day.
    >> Thanks for responding so quickly. What you both have said, makes
    >> perfect sense. The bag states it has been multi cleaned and
    >> sanitized, but that can easily be misrepresented. I clean out any
    >> messy stuff everyday, using a kitty litter scoop, especially under
    >> her water bowl, as she loves to throw out 90&37; of her water.
    > That
    >> was what my decision to try the corn cob. It soaked thru the
    >> newspaper, and was rusting the tray. I think I will try putting a
    >> large cookie sheet on that part where it is always wet, and going
    >> back to newspaper. I have not noticed any dust or mold in the
    >> bedding, but I am not as sensitive as my birds are.
    >> I am hoping that her missing feathers are a result of her trying
    > to
    >> grab the corn cob, and that I haven't started a bad habit. I
    >> suppose if that is the case, I can somehow, get the grate
    >> improvised, so she can not get her leg thru.
    >> Thanks again
    >> Jenn
    > Let us know how it things go.

    Well, both cages are now corn cob free, rinsed and sanitized and
    covered in paper. It just goes to figure, that even though you think
    you are doing your best for your loved ones, you are making matters
    worse! Thanks again everyone! Still too soon to know about the
    plucking vs rubbing issue. I am setting up a video camera the next 2
    days, and recording Lucy, just to see if she does anything. It could
    be fun to know what she does all day for entertainment anyways. I am
    almost 100% sure, she is rubbing her legs bare now, but her Monday vet
    appointment will still be kept, better safe than sorry