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Re: Plucking or ???

Posted by Verdell on 1/14/08
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    On 1/12/08, JKCASWELL wrote:
    >>>>>> Good job on gettin rid of the corn cob bedding. I really liked it
    until I heard the same things. Upon closer inspection, it had started to
    mould after missing one day of cleaning.Organic material and moister
    will do that. Luckily Ruby did not get sick. I haven't been on the board
    for several months, but anyway Ruby is a male Scarlet for those that
    don't remember. I wonder if Blu is a male and she is wanting the corn
    cob for nesting material? Since you are not finding chewed feathers, it
    would seem that they are being rubbing off. Hope the Vet visit goes good
    and the paper will end the mystery!