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Re: Plucking or ???

Posted by greenwing on 2/03/08
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    On 1/12/08, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    > I would switch back to newspaper to see if she still tries to
    > stick her legs in the grate.
    > On 1/11/08, JKCASWELL wrote:
    >> On 1/11/08, JKCASWELL wrote:
    >>> I need some thoughts about my Scarlet. Within the past
    >>> week, Lucy has started losing her feathers on her legs
    >>> only. I have not once seen her plucking, though I am at
    >>> work during the day. One thing that I have noticed though,
    >>> is she stands on the bottom of her cage and tries to reach
    >>> the bedding below. The bottom grate, is 8 inches above the
    >>> tray, and she stretches further with her leg, and rubs it
    >>> back and forth trying desperately to grab the bedding.
    >>> Could this possibly be the cause of her missing leg
    >>> feathers? I should add that she goes from one leg to the
    >>> other, and feathers are missing from both. She otherwise
    >>> appears to be happy and content and quite normal for her.
    >>> I have an appointment set up with the vet, I was just
    >>> hoping that you could give me some input on this before my
    >>> vet appointment, which is on Monday. I am very concerned,
    >>> as this is something that is very unusual for her. She has
    >>> always had spectacular feathering, and is a very careful
    >>> groomer. I also have gotten another Macaw about a month
    >>> ago, and while they are separated from each other, they are
    >>> very aware that the other exists, and they talk to each
    >>> other all day long. I have been very careful about
    >>> sanitizing between the two, even though Blu's health check
    >>> was good. Lucy's personality hasn't changed at all since
    >>> Blu moved in. She is always the same ornery girl, who gets
    >>> all of my attention, as usual. Blu has become my teenage
    >>> daughter's best friend, so she spends all the time with
    >>> Blu. Please Please, any response would be so appreciated!
    >>> Jenn
    >> I should also add, I switched from newspaper to Corn Cob
    >> bedding about 2 weeks ago. She can not reach it, so I know
    >> she is not ingesting any of it, or coming in contact with
    > it,
    >> but she is curious about it.
    >> Jenn
    >>I have a few macaws currently and 1 of them is a 4 year old
    green wing female who plucks her feathers off her legs and
    stomach.the reason they do this is stress so u should try either
    paying more attention to her or if u already do then she might
    be stressed because of to much attention and u should issolate