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Post: Dirty Birdie

Posted by Macaw Mom on 1/12/08

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    I'm looking for a bit of advice. I have a "second-hand"
    B&G, whom I adopted (for cash) from a "questionable"
    source. Nonetheless, I love her and with affection and
    attention she's turning into a wonderful companion. I do,
    however, have one issue with her...she HATES to bathe. She
    screams and runs away when I try to sprintz her with a
    spray bottle, and I'm very careful to be gentle with it.
    She refuses to shower with me or without me, she simply
    gets down from wherever I place her and waits on the floor
    until the door opens, then runs like crazy. She is very
    sensitive and I don't want to traumatize her (I suspect
    she's been through enough already), but, frankly, she
    SMELLS! She is in serious need of bathing, but I'm sort of
    at a loss as to where to go from here. My vet suggested I
    just keep putting her back in the shower until she stays
    there. That bombed bigger than Britney Spear in family
    court. I'm no expert, but there's GOT to be a better way.
    Any suggestions? Thanks a million for any help.

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