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Post: Bird's welfare after death

Posted by JKCASWELL on 1/31/08

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    I am having a will drawn up, as I have 2 children(humans).
    I started to think about my birds, and what would happen to
    them. I have 2 female Macaw's, a Scarlet and a Military.
    Now my husband and my older daughter both love the Military
    and she loves them. My Scarlet on the other hand, hates
    everyone but me. She is downright evil and draws blood. I
    know, that if something should happen to me, she would be
    miserable. Sure they would feed her and water her, but she
    would spend the rest of her life locked up. I honestly
    don't think, that she would ever be a good pet for anyone
    else. I don't know anybody else who has large birds, so
    willing her to a friend isn't a option. I love my birds
    like my own children, and thinking about my best girl being
    miserable has me concerned now. Have any of you thought
    about this, and what would become of your birds, should
    something happen to you? Any thoughts on what options I
    could use, would be great!



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