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Re: s.steel macaw cage

Posted by everywhere on 2/05/08
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    Yhea just pay the 1000.00 in shipping. at least cheap cage place
    has a money back guarantee and stands behind the products, as
    kings after 5400.00 was wasted!

    On 2/05/08, cheap cages wrote:
    > On 2/05/08, petparrots wrote:
    >> On 2/05/08, karen wrote:
    >>> anybody have good links to get a s.steel macaw size cage
    >>> Would like to spend less than $1200
    >>> in IL. for pickup or not arm & leg for shipping
    >>> Ideas??
    > I had one of those for a few days. I got rid of it cuz it was
    > the biggest waste of $. What a cheaply made cage. The tray and
    > seed guards were so thin all you had to do was look at them
    > and they were bent. BTW you can find the same cage on ebay for
    > much less.