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Re: sprouted diet for macaws

Posted by Nanci on 2/07/08
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    On 2/05/08, stacey wrote:

    > My question is, is anyone else doing this diet with their
    > birds and am i to expect alittle weight loss during the
    > transition? If so, how much?

    I grow sprouts for my Blue Front Amazon but also give him
    pellets, birdie bread, cooked bean/pasta mix, fresh fruits and
    vegetables and a seed/nut/fruit/vegetable mix as a treat. I
    give the sprouts every other day in a separate dish
    alternating with the birdie bread, and cooked mix. Pellets
    are always available. I believe in offering a varied diet
    which he seems to really enjoy. If you switched your macaw to
    a sprout-based diet only, I would imagine there would be a
    weight loss of some sort. How significant probably depends on
    your particular bird. Remember, in the wild, parrots eat a
    variety of seasonal fresh food so why limit its food to just
    one type? Good luck with whatever you decide.