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Re: greenwinged help

Posted by rose on 3/05/08
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    On 2/28/08, Jeff wrote:
    > On 2/28/08, Donna wrote:
    >> On 2/28/08, Jeff wrote:
    >>> Ok, I will start by saying I have not owned a bird, but
    >>> have thought about it many times and read many books on
    >>> training and caring. A friend of mine was given a large
    >>> greenwinged macaw by someone and has found out quickly
    >>> that she can not care for it. I believe he is already at
    >>> sexually maturity but do not have him yet so am not sure
    >>> about his age as she has not taken him to an avian vet
    >>> yet. He seems to like me more then others as he will "up"
    >>> on my arm from his cage at times. Other times though he
    >>> will nip when I am near the cage. He is just very
    >>> untrained at this point.I am wondering if I should make
    >>> this my first bird or not? Also, are there videos to help
    >>> with visual techniques that you all recomend. I have
    >>> thought about the videos but have heard
    >>> they use food deprivation training which I will not use.
    >>> My parents took away fun stuff when I was bad, never food
    >>> and I am not willing to do that Thanks for any advice you
    >>> all can givew.
    >>> Jeff
    >> Hey Jeff If your up for the challenge then by all means give
    >> this bird a good forever home. Also remember with second
    > hand
    >> birds comes the whole package some baggage some bad
    > behaviors.
    >> There is alot of training videos out there but for the most
    >> part just learn how to read his body language. With any bird
    >> new to an unfamiliar environment you have to give it time to
    >> get used to everything and you. Don't rush, be patient and
    >> understanding and keep reading anything you can get your
    >> hands on for more information.
    >> Donna
    > Thanks Donna,
    > "That baggage" is what I am worried about since it is my first
    > bird. I am definatly up for the challange, but want the bird
    > to be "happy" also. As he does have some hangups, I just want
    > to make sure he can live a good life as he can be very
    > friendly and actually talks up a storm for a greenwing (from
    > what I have read) He is also very good at mimicking which I
    > had always read they were not the best at. I have a bad
    > smoking induced cough (smoke outdoors) he covers his mouth and
    > coughs just like me, tells the dog to go get his ball when he
    > sees him chasing it, etc. etc.. He is wonderful, I just want
    > to make sure I can handle him to enough to make both our lives
    > better.
    > Jeff

    If you have never owned a large bird before, I would recommend
    volunteering at a bird rescue or shelter for a few weeks before
    getting a bird to see if it is the kind of thing you would enjoy.
    With all birds there is a lot of cleaning up after, toys to buy,
    adequate nutrition, and of course, out-of-cage and play time.
    Unless you do it every day, you don't realize the magnitude of it.