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Post: Safe cage paint and wood

Posted by Elayna on 3/08/08

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    I have a very large wrought iron cage, that due to storage,
    has slight rust on it now. My hope was to use it for an
    outdoor cage on nice days, but now, because of the rust,
    I'm not sure. What I am wondering is if I sandblast it
    down, is there a specific type of safe paint, or even some
    safe product that I can use to keep it from rusting? My
    birds health is my highest priority, so if there is a risk,
    I'll just buy a new one and make this one a garden piece!
    Also, due to the rising cost of shipping, making my own
    toys, is getting quite expensive. My Macaw, chews through
    wood so fast and I never want her to go with out, she
    really doesn't like any other type of material. What is a
    safe type of wood that I could buy at a lumber or hardware
    store, that is also completely safe?

    Thank You

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