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Re: Safe cage paint and wood

Posted by Ditsy on 3/10/08
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    I know an elderly woman that has some "custom" cages that
    she won't be needing in about 6 months. I'm sure you'll get
    them cheap and she ships too.

    On 3/08/08, Elayna wrote:
    > I have a very large wrought iron cage, that due to
    > has slight rust on it now. My hope was to use it for an
    > outdoor cage on nice days, but now, because of the rust,
    > I'm not sure. What I am wondering is if I sandblast it
    > down, is there a specific type of safe paint, or even some
    > safe product that I can use to keep it from rusting? My
    > birds health is my highest priority, so if there is a
    > I'll just buy a new one and make this one a garden piece!
    > Also, due to the rising cost of shipping, making my own
    > toys, is getting quite expensive. My Macaw, chews through
    > wood so fast and I never want her to go with out, she
    > really doesn't like any other type of material. What is a
    > safe type of wood that I could buy at a lumber or hardware
    > store, that is also completely safe?
    > Thank You