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Re: Safe cage paint and wood

Posted by Alesia on 3/22/08
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    I was in the same situation as you. I was given a very large,
    nice cage but it was rusted. I tried to sandblast it and then
    used Krylon paint. Unfortunately, I noticed that my AG could
    chip the paint off with his beak just by moving around and
    grabbing onto the cage. I decided to have it powder coated. It
    looks beautiful and almost like a brand new cage. I've been
    using it for 2 years now. Good luck

    On 3/21/08, Rick wrote:
    > On 3/08/08, Elayna wrote:
    >> I have a very large wrought iron cage, that due to
    > storage,
    >> has slight rust on it now. My hope was to use it for an
    >> outdoor cage on nice days, but now, because of the rust,
    >> I'm not sure. What I am wondering is if I sandblast it
    >> down, is there a specific type of safe paint, or even some
    >> safe product that I can use to keep it from rusting? My
    >> birds health is my highest priority, so if there is a
    > risk,
    >> I'll just buy a new one and make this one a garden piece!
    >> Also, due to the rising cost of shipping, making my own
    >> toys, is getting quite expensive. My Macaw, chews through
    >> wood so fast and I never want her to go with out, she
    >> really doesn't like any other type of material. What is a
    >> safe type of wood that I could buy at a lumber or hardware
    >> store, that is also completely safe?
    >> Thank You
    > "KRYLON" spray paint is suppose to be pet safe.
    > I have also attached a link for you regarding "safe paints"
    > with birds.
    > Rick