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Re: stand help

Posted by Mike on 3/27/08
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    On 3/26/08, Jeff wrote:
    > Hi all, ok I ended up taking the greenwinged macaw and
    > things are going good. After a lot of time trying he will
    > now let me take him out of his cage (majority of the time)
    > and enjoys the training sessions of "up" from the cage
    > door and on top of the cage (de does seem to get tired
    > fairly quickly though)
    > My problem is this, I bought a large stand/perch rather
    > than a t bar stand and he will not let me transfer him to
    > that. He does not lunge at me when I try but he
    > does "taste" my arm and makes it clear he does not want to
    > go their. I have tried to put the stand next to his cage
    > with door open or when I have him out on top and he goes
    > to the other side of the cage (good that he will still
    > train with me with it that close)
    > Any ideas? Or do I just need to be more patient? it has
    > been about 3 weeks with the stand.
    > Thanks in advance.

    Maybe try hanging a special treat like millet on the stand
    while it is beside his cage. It might lure him over.