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Re: red fronted macaw

Posted by Laura on 4/14/08
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    On 4/03/08, Hattie wrote:
    > I am so excited I will be adding my first macaw (red
    > fronted) to my family .. i have 2 african greys now and
    > am so excited to bring this baby home:) .. I adopted my
    > greys at an older age and this will be the closest
    > thing to a baby i will have. She/he (not DNA'D) is 1 my
    > greys are 8 and 21.Anything I should know before
    > bringing home my new addition.I have done my research on
    > red fronted macaws just wanted a lil advice from other
    > macaw owners.
    I have a female that is 8 months old. She requires lots
    of attention. The only thing you may want to do is to make
    sure that it is around lots of people. Mine is so loveable
    to me but shys away from others. you will absolutely love
    this bird. The first time it flys, it will take your breath
    away. I still hand feed her once a day. I would love to
    share future experiences you have. Not many people have
    these birds.