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Re: red fronted macaw (Rose)

Posted by Hattie Holder on 5/11/08
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    I have already done my research on this issue and am very careful as
    far as their dust is concerned (always have been)they take daily
    baths and their cage is wiped down daily and scrubbed everyother
    day also the area around the cage is mopped up once a day.. I
    also have purchased 2 large air purifiers to help with any
    remaining dander that might be floating around but so far i am
    pretty much doing good on keeping the air clean by just doing what i
    am doing thus far my filters don't catch to much.. Thanks for
    your concern:)

    On 5/08/08, Rose wrote:
    > Hattie wrote:
    >>>> I am so excited I will be adding my first macaw (red
    >>>> fronted) to my family .. i have 2 african greys now and
    >>>> am so excited to bring this baby home:) ..
    > I think Macaws are one of the breeds that will have lung problems
    > if they are kept with GReys because of the dust the Greys give
    > off. I know Macaws can't be around Cockatoos for the same reason.
    > You may want to look into this before you get a Macaw.