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Re: Outdoor Aviary

Posted by GreyLady on 4/18/08
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    On 4/06/08, JKCASWELL wrote:
    > Now that we are purchasing our home, I want to build a
    > large outdoor aviary, so my birds can go out for a couple
    > of hours per day, weather permitting. My main question is
    > what size and type of wire would be the best? I am going
    > to poor a concrete foundation and use pipe for the
    > structure. Any ideas would be great

    If you mean metal pipe, you might want to reconsider using
    PVC instead. It won't ever rust and is safer for them. As
    for the actual caging, I've heard hardware cloth is good but
    you will want to neutralize it with a good vinegar soak and
    rinse. I have no personal experience building one but that's
    what I've heard from several who have. Also, you will want
    to consider putting true screening outside of the hardware
    cloth so you are preventing small insects, specifically
    mosquitoes that might be carrying the West Nile Virus,
    (depending on where you are geographically and if that's a
    possible danger in your area.)