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Re: Outdoor Aviary

Posted by JKCASWELL on 4/18/08
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    > If you mean metal pipe, you might want to reconsider using
    > PVC instead. It won't ever rust and is safer for them. As
    > for the actual caging, I've heard hardware cloth is good but
    > you will want to neutralize it with a good vinegar soak and
    > rinse. I have no personal experience building one but that's
    > what I've heard from several who have. Also, you will want
    > to consider putting true screening outside of the hardware
    > cloth so you are preventing small insects, specifically
    > mosquitoes that might be carrying the West Nile Virus,
    > (depending on where you are geographically and if that's a
    > possible danger in your area.)

    I never even thought about PVC Pipe, great idea! I have some
    samples of hardware cloth coming, my only concern is the
    structural soundness with Macaw's ranging from a Military to a
    Hy. I had already planned on putting a screen on the outside,
    to keep out insects and critters, though Mosquitos are almost
    nonexistent here, I hate bugs in general, and better safe than
    sorry. When my birds would be out, they would be under
    constant supervision, just in case of anything. Once it is
    decent outside, I spend hours outside working. My plans are
    for a 12 x 30 aviary that is 8 feet tall and it will be divided
    down the middle, with a 1 foot space between, that way I can
    have 2 birds out at a time but they can't get to each other.
    So basically, each one would be 12 x 14 1/2 ft. I think this
    would a good size, as none of my birds can fly, but they would
    have enough room for climbing and playing. I already have a
    very cool roll out roof so that I can control the amount of sun
    they get. I do need to find out a place to get very large
    Manzanita from, and other fun, but safe things for them. I
    really want them to have a very natural fun place to entertain
    themselves outdoors. If anyone has an ideas for naturalization
    that is safe, that would be great too