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Re: Outdoor Aviary

Posted by GreyLady on 4/19/08
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    Wow, sounds like it's going to be great when finished. My flock
    is jealous. As for the naturalization, it might take a while to
    get some growth on some items, or depending on how much you want
    to spend, since the more mature, usually the higher the price,
    but....what about planting a few real trees and bushes that are
    bird safe. Can't get much more natural than that. Don't forget
    white pine is always good. If your local home improvement store
    has what mine calls "culled lumber" bin, you can find some great
    buys in there. Birds care less that a 2X4 is a little crooked.
    Culled 2X4's, 8 ft. long is how I keep my Macaw in cheap chew
    toys. I saw them into blocks, drill holes and string up. With
    the kind of space you are going to have, you might even use some
    to build you own play areas.