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Re: Outdoor Aviary

Posted by JKCASWELL on 4/19/08
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    On 4/19/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > Wow, sounds like it's going to be great when finished. My flock
    > is jealous. As for the naturalization, it might take a while to
    > get some growth on some items, or depending on how much you want
    > to spend, since the more mature, usually the higher the price,
    > but....what about planting a few real trees and bushes that are
    > bird safe. Can't get much more natural than that. Don't forget
    > white pine is always good. If your local home improvement store
    > has what mine calls "culled lumber" bin, you can find some great
    > buys in there. Birds care less that a 2X4 is a little crooked.
    > Culled 2X4's, 8 ft. long is how I keep my Macaw in cheap chew
    > toys. I saw them into blocks, drill holes and string up. With
    > the kind of space you are going to have, you might even use some
    > to build you own play areas.

    I have already thought about the live trees, and am contemplating
    how realistic it would be, to leave holes in the cement foundation,
    in order to grow them. I am not sure how well the trees will hold
    up to the girls, and if they kill them, how difficult it would be
    to remove and replace them. I guess it's a see what happens kinda
    deal, lol. My Aunt lives down on the coast of Oregon, and a friend
    of her's harvests Manzanita and makes things out of it. She is
    finding out more information for me on that, I would love to get
    some very large pieces of those! Thanks for the tip on the white
    pine. I usually make my own toys, but with the price of shipping,
    it is almost the same price to buy pre made at the Petco! It seems
    wood and cotton rope are the only things my girls love to destroy,
    and I gotta keep them happy! It's been tough having 3 Macaws who
    really kinda hate each other and I don't trust to be near each
    other, so at least building an Aviary will give them a better way
    to exercise and maybe if they socialize with each other in a
    different atmosphere, they will eventually all learn to get
    along...I doubt it, but it's worth a shot. As of Tuesday, I will
    be adding a Blue and Gold to the family, for a uncertain amount of
    time. It's owner just had a baby, is getting divorced and moving
    into an apartment, so she can't keep him/her. She has been trying
    to find him a home for months, with no luck. She said when she had
    him for sale, the many people who responded had no Macaw experience
    or any bird experience. Then when she wanted to give him away,
    nobody wanted him. She has had him since he was a baby, handfed
    him, and treats him with royalty. I offered to take care of him,
    until she was able to get him back if she can. He's just the
    sweetest thing in the world. She's taking him to the vet Monday
    for a full check up and get him DNA tested. I really hope he's a
    she, as my 3 are girls, and I think it will keep peace better with
    no boys in the flock!