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Re: adopting a 12 yr old blue/gold macaw

Posted by petparrots on 4/29/08
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    On 4/28/08, Connie in Louisiana wrote:
    > We are in the process of adopting a 12 year old blue/gold
    > macaw from a friend of ours. We've dealt with this macaw
    > through the years, and his current owner has 2 small
    > children that is causing conflict with the bird and them.
    > How stressfull is it going to be for this macaw to adapt
    > to a new life after being with his current owner for 8
    > years? He's a really good bird, but we're just scared of
    > changing his life after this long. help!!!!
    > We have 2 older boys who love birds (we babysit macaws as
    > a hobby), and a 7 year old labrador.

    Connie, I wouldnt think you would have any problems with him
    adapting. He knows you and just let him adjust be patient
    and he will be fine. We took in a 10 yr B&G and he is my big
    baby. All our macaws are rehomes, even the untame have come
    around.This is why we have rehomed 18 and owned by 10 cant
    have just one. LOL