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Re: macaw with a cold

Posted by Verdell on 5/27/08
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    I just brought Ruby home from the Vet with the same syptoms. He
    had an x-ray , complete blood work,adn stool, but haven't got
    the results and won't till this weekend. He has an eposode in
    Jan and we rushed him to the Vet in a snow srom at 10:00 at
    night. The Vet actually met us at his office. He put Ruby on
    oxygen and by morning he was o-kay. He is on Therbutoline 5mg 1
    and 1/2 tabs a day in his water. The Vet thinks COPD which his
    macaw has also. He suggested we have the gas company check for a
    gas leak in Jan. We did have a small gas leak at the furnace
    pilot light. The gas company repair man thought it was too samll
    for it to have effected anything but you never know. This time
    th e only thing I can think of is thaqt I wore colonge, I am
    allergic to most colonges, so rarely ever do. I think Ruby hads
    an asthma attack, maybe from it. Hope you find out and let me
    know. I will keep you infomred about Ruby and what we find out.
    I am really worried but before anything is said, I take very
    good care of him and our house is very clean with no drafts, so
    I'm thingking some tyoe of allergy.