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Post: macaw with cold

Posted by Connie in LA on 5/16/08

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    Thanks for the help!! We went to the vet, and after an
    xray, his lungs are clear, and his throat isn't infected.
    He seems to think it could be adjusting to the AC. But we
    did discover that he's got a very small liver (which he
    thinks comes from birth, and his previous owner didn't
    have a clue of anything--he never took him to the vet :( ).
    He said with the correct diet (which he got us started
    on), he'll be fine. He said the panting is coming from
    him being worn out from not having the right nutrients in
    his diet. I really appreciate your quick responses!!!
    You made us feel a lot better--we didn't think we were
    over exagerating with what we noticed.....

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