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Re: Looking into purchasing a Macaw

Posted by rebecca on 6/16/08
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    On 6/13/08, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 6/12/08, Angela Reilly wrote:
    >> I would love to purchase a macaw but I'm worried that I
    >> would not be able to find a avian vet in my area. Please
    >> would someone give me information on how to find a good
    >> reputable avian vet in my area.
    >> I have already had my heart broken once because my vet
    >> couldn't save my small Budgie.
    > Are you in the U.S.? If you will post the closest city, I'll
    > see if I can help. Another way is to contact any local
    > REPUTABLE breeders, and/or any local bird clubs. They can
    > usually recommend someone.

    Here is the longest, most complete list I have been able to find.
    I've been driving 2 hours each way....I found one only 30
    minutes away. Good luck!