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Re: Looking into purchasing a Macaw

Posted by Angela Reilly on 6/17/08
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    I live in Wolcott N.Y. and I'm checking into private breeders and
    rescues around my area and have come up with nothing as of yet!!
    Please Help me if you can!!!!

    On 6/16/08, rebecca wrote:
    > On 6/13/08, GreyLady wrote:
    >> On 6/12/08, Angela Reilly wrote:
    >>> I would love to purchase a macaw but I'm worried that I
    >>> would not be able to find a avian vet in my area. Please
    >>> would someone give me information on how to find a good
    >>> reputable avian vet in my area.
    >>> I have already had my heart broken once because my vet
    >>> couldn't save my small Budgie.
    >> Are you in the U.S.? If you will post the closest city, I'll
    >> see if I can help. Another way is to contact any local
    >> REPUTABLE breeders, and/or any local bird clubs. They can
    >> usually recommend someone.
    > Here is the longest, most complete list I have been able to
    > I've been driving 2 hours each way....I found one only 30
    > minutes away. Good luck!