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Re: Looking into purchasing a Macaw

Posted by McKenzie on 7/16/08
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    I'm in Idaho and very unfamiliar with New York. However, here are
    some that are posted as being Board Certified Avian Vets in New
    York, hopefully one will be relatively close to you.

    Still, I would ALWAYS ask for references and check the Better
    Businss Bureau for complaints before going to one. It can be heart-
    braking to lose your feathered family member by someone that does
    not know what he is doing.

    Amherst, NY - Alexandra Adamcak - 716-832-2800
    Huntington, NY - Heidi Lee Hoefer (West Hills Animal Hospital) - 631-
    351-6116 -
    Ithaca, NY - James Morrisey (Cornell Univ) - 607-253-4266
    New York, NY - Laurie Hess (The Animal Med Ctr) - 212-838-8100 -
    New York, NY - Katherine E. Quesenberry - 212-329-8622 -
    Plainview, NY - Robert Anthony Monaco (Old Country Animal Clinic) -
    516-938-7218 -
    Woodbury, NY - Linda Pesek - 516-692-4661


    Board Certified Avian Vets