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Re: Hyacienth Macaw

Posted by Shawna on 7/27/08
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    On 6/21/08, Josee wrote:
    > If anyone has or had a Hyacienth Macaw, can you tell me
    > about them? What are they like...are they good with kids?
    > are they gentle? I've heard they are the most
    > this true?

    Hello Josee, Hyacinth macaw is the most biggest out of the
    macaw family, there nick name is gentle giant although they
    are gentle at times they like to play rough they have over
    200 pounds of presser which is equivalent to braking a
    broom stick in half in that big beck of there’s so it would
    be very easy to take a finger off or a ear so if your
    hyacinth is around kids , its best not to have kids play
    with the parrot until you fully know the parrot, the
    hyacinth’s diet is based on a very fatty diet such as
    almonds coconuts palm nuts walnuts they metabolize there fat
    very easily, congats on owning one! I have always wanted one
    but could never afford one,