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Re: Hyacinth macaws

Posted by hyacinth breeder on 7/29/08
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    On 6/21/08, Josee wrote:
    > If anyone has or had a Hyacienth Macaw, can you tell me
    > about them? What are they like...are they good with kids?
    > are they gentle? I've heard they are the most
    > this true?


    I kind of disagree with other macaws making just as good as
    pets as the Hyacinth macaws. Yes, they are the largest of
    all the macaws. If they are taught at an early age, then
    they will make excellent pets. They are good with children,
    if the child understand and respect the bird. I'm currently
    handfeeding a baby Hyacinth now and a 10 year old little
    girl was holding him with 2 of her fingers in his beak. He
    could easily broke those two fingers, but he made no efford
    in biting her. Hyacinth are not for everyone. They are
    very expensive to maintain with the cost of their diet,
    cage, etc, but I do not believe the blue and gold or the
    scarlet macaw would make good pets. The scarlets are nippy
    and I do not trust the blue and gold macaws.