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Re: macaw from cameroon

Posted by Cindy on 7/12/08
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    On 6/29/08, mamabird wrote:
    > I am wondering if it is even remotely possible to ship a
    > bird from cameroon africa to the states? maybe some one is
    > trying to get over on me because i am a trusting person but
    > not stupid. So i would like to find out whats up with this
    > before i speak to this person again

    Hello, It is illegal for them to ship here. Don't trust
    them. They are scammers and they continue to put ads here in
    the USA because alot of people are stupid and belive it.
    Bird Flu is the reason so don't do it. I have reported alot
    of them but they just change their e-mail address and post
    another ad. Cindy