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Re: Need some info

Posted by GreyLady on 7/12/08
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    On 7/11/08, Rhonda wrote:
    > My family owned a macaw when I was a teenager and now I am
    > going to be getting one from a friend as they do not have
    > the time for it anymore . So I am hoping and wishing
    > someone can give any info on them. The previous owner said
    > the macaw eats meats and veggies, can this possibly be
    > good for them? What should he be eating and should I be
    > supplementing his diet. I do not have him yeat but want to
    > be ready with info and supplies before I get him home.
    > Please help..:)

    Yes on both, have to know what and which, are
    safe. For the meat, well cooked chicken breast with all fat
    and skin removed is good. And, drumsticks are great for them
    as they love to crack them open and get the marrow out.
    Great source of protien and calcium. I boil them for my
    Macaw, making sure they are well done, then I strip off all
    the skin and most of the meat. Be sure you get that little
    thin sharp piece that lays close to the bone. It's not as
    wasteful as it sounds because we use the meat in other dishes
    for us. Most vegetables are good for them, raw or steamed.
    Some veggies must be cooked though like no raw white potatoes
    and no raw beans. Both must be well cooked. Same with
    fruits. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies are great for them
    but research the toxic items and don't feed anything until
    you are sure. Just a couple examples off the top of my head,
    no avocado at all, not any part of it. For apples, make sure
    they are well cored. Many fruit seeds have cyanide in them
    so to be safe, I just don't let mine have anything with the
    seed in it. It's easier that way than trying to keep up with
    the list of safe or not safe seeds. Hope that helps get you
    started. If you need anything else, let me know. GL