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Re: Looking for good book

Posted by GreyLady on 7/16/08
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    Books are okay but only as very basic guidelines. The
    problem with books is that the parrots have not read them.
    They are all so much individuals, it's better to just have
    her continue to work with your bird, making special efforts
    to learn his body language, be able to spot an impending bite
    and avoid it. There is no such thing as true "dicipline"
    that will work with any parrot. The only way we can properly
    deal with unacceptable behavior is to ignore it, showing the
    bird that when that particular behavior happens, we will turn
    our backs and totally ignore it for a few minutes. I work as
    a behaviorist and I can tell you for sure, that it's much
    better to work with the individual bird that to try to make
    it fit into the generalities of most books. However, I do
    have a lot of respect for anything written by Mattie Sue
    Athan and/or Dianalee Deter. If you can find anything by
    them either about Macaws specifically or about working with
    unwanted behaviors, it may be helpful. But it can never be
    stressed too much just how important it is for each of us to
    learn our own bird's body language and always, always,
    approach the bird with confidence. The more hesitant she is
    and the more nervousness she shows, the more likely she is to
    get bit until she learns the body language that indicates a
    possible impending bite. Good luck. GL